Welcome to the updated website!

Thank you everyone for your patience while we updated the look of the website.

As you can see at the moment it’s still a bit bare information-wise but we are working on adding in all the information about Mt Evelyn’s community groups, events and businesses quickly.

We’re also working on two new sections, one with information for residents and, and one for visitors to our lovely town.

As always, if you are part of a community group, or helping run an event in Mt Evelyn, we’d love to have any information on the website. We’re happy to promote anything your group is doing, from clean up days, planting or planning events to monthly meetings. And of course to promote how people can join you and help with the work you are doing for our town.
Feel free to get in contact with us by emailing mtevelyn@gmail.com, or you can send a message to our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/mtevelyncommunity