Friends of Mt Evelyn Aqueduct


Our Mission
The Mt Evelyn Aqueduct Friends group aims to maintain and improve the Aqueduct walking Trail in two ways:
1) Organise activities around bush regeneration. This means removing environmental weeds that have taken hold and which suppress the growth of local indigenous species. We also conduct planting of local species in late winter and spring.
2) We also conduct occasional plant identification walks along the Aqueduct Trail to assist in making people aware of the natural beauty of our indigenous species.

An Invitation
If you are attracted to the idea of a walking trail all the way to the Silvan Dam and would like to become involved in the Friends group, you can assist us in two ways:
1) Become a mmember of the Friends of Mt Evelyn Aqueduct Inc. Membership is only $10 per year ($5 Concession, $12 Family).
2) Become involved in our once a month activity programme. This involves a couple of hours at a weekend either weeding selected areas of the Aqueduct or planting out areas that have lost their original plant communities.


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